Thursday, 27 July 2017

Wrap up post for July with PLAID !

Hellooo Crafty folks...
It's Thursday  and am glad to be here today. I have a wrap up of all the PLAID play that I did this month.
You can have them all on one post here and click on the one that you have missed or would like to view again.


 I started the month with Quick crackle with Mod podge.
Here I showed you how to use mod podge to create crackle and then decoupage too.

This is what I made...

If you wish to see the video of the making, click here.


This was Antique play with Plaid, where I showed you how to use Antique matte mod podge . I had up cycled some empty pill bottles to create kitchen shakers!
 Here they are...

The video is here!

And finally I had Fusion play with Plaid. Here I combined mixed media and decoupage technique with chalk paints to show you an altered project.
Here are some pics...

Enjoy your stay here and I will see you next month with my Plaid play.

Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Hello everyone,

It's Anita here and I have a a wonderful product for you today. It is a treat for those who love to do precise stamping . So hey all  MISTI Lovers !!!! Here I have an added advantage for you all in the form of Creative Corners.

This is available at the Crafters Corner store here!!!

Creative corners is a stamp positioning tool for perfect stamp alignment to be used with the MISTI
Sounds  quite technical right !!! 
But believe me !!! once you get your hands on this, stamping will be a cake walk for you.

Creative corners contains 5 pieces -2 magnetic angled pieces and three non magnetic pieces-two triangle set squares as you get in the kids geometric box and one L shaped ruler.
This can be used with all three sizes of MISTI and just like MISTI which gives fool proof stamping, Creative Corners is one step ahead in making stamping more easy and precise. These can also be stored inside the MISTI except the L ruler that does not fit in the MINI MISTI.

It over comes all the flaws that one experienced with MISTI and helps one to create many cards with great ease.

There are loads of things that you can do with Creative Corners, together with the MISTI and also without the MISTI.

So let us look in to in great details at Creative Corners with MISTI

1. Helps in Masking with stencils and create angled sentiment stamping.

2. Helps to create background with stencils and others stamps.

3. Layered Stamping

4. Holds card stock firmly in place with magnetic angles and one do continuous stamping at equal intervals with much ease and without the fear of moving the card.

5. Position card stock for off the edge stamping with so much easy.

Creative Corners without MISTI

1.It helps in precise positioning of dies on card stock .

2. Helps in creating plaid or striped background using markers.

Here is video to show you actually how wonderful the Creative Corners is.

There are many videos on the You tube also showing various uses of the MISTI. Do check them too. So grab your Creative Corners now and start stamping happily and without fear.

Happy Stamping !!!!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Fusion play with PLAID!

It's Thursday and Rupa here with my PLAID PLAY for this week.
Are you ready???

I have up cycled  an empty coconut oil glass jar today and yes...this one has travelled all the way from London cos I just loved the it! Here it is...

It's been with me for over a year now and I was wondering what to do with it! Having played with Chalk paints on wood and other mediums I thought why not try MIXED MEDIA with it???
Sounds interesting... and so was born this project!
 A long pictorial post...sit back and enjoy!

This the entire PLAID family that helped me in this project!

STEP 1- Once the jar was cleaned, I took the lid and layered it with lots of found objects lying at home...old bobbins, gauze, nails, buttons, flowers and old butterfly pendant.

STEP 2-I also made a texture paste with gesso and DMC frosted sugar and applied it randomly over the lid.

STEP 3- I covered the entire thing with black gesso. Now my little canvas is ready to take on the paints!!!!

STEP 4- I started with the first color Vintage mustard chalk paint. I was liking it!

STEP 5- The next colo to hit was yellow crochet! I was likiiiing it!

Next was Grotto...LOVE it!

Next comes a combo of vintage mustard and Imperial...I am loving it now!

Finally...some color splats with sheep skin and few highlights too with it...
I was LOOOOVING what I was seeing!!! What say???

So you see, MIXED MEDIA is possible with chalk paints too and with PLAID you have an awesome range to choose from!

Here is how the lid looks after a coat of Satin finish varnish.

So what next???
I was left with the base...

STEP 6_ I gave the glass jar a DIRECT coat of Imperial chalk paint. The red was really vibrant!

STEP 7- I then applied some Folk art crackle medium liberally all over the jar and just left it to DRY ON IT's OWN...yes I did not use the heat gun! I kept myself busy in another project, so happy me.

STEP 8- Next comes my fav, sheep skin...

magically the cracks begin to appear when the paint comes in contact with the dried crackle medium! Have a look!.

STEP 9- Once this coat was dry, i mod podged a lovely tissue using ANTIQUE MATTE current favorite!

 Yes after my previous video tutorial here...I am just not able to get over the antique look of this modpodge gives!

STEP 10- The tissue just takes on the light back ground, yet reveals the red cracks thru the print. I have intentionally scrapped off some cracks to give a distressed look to the jar.

Some more shots of the decoupaged tissue thru the crackle!

STEP 11- I gave another coat of the antique matte modpodge to give more depth and color o the project and finally sealed the entire project with a coat of SATIN VARNISH from Home decor, Plaid.
Here is the final project...

I am so in love with the entire look of this little coconut oil glad I could do justice to the long travel that it had taken, lol!
Wait, it's not over...I wanted more to this jar than just a deco piece and so I drilled some holes on the lid...if you see closely, you can see it...

....and I lit a candle inside!!!! HAVE A LOOK...

I couldn't stop the look was so surreal and I was just pinching myself...the birds were glowing and the light passing thru the holes on the top...should I say more????

The antique feel and warmth of the birds on the base along with a mixed media fusion on the top was an experiment, first of its kind from me!

Hope you liked is and I would love to hear your comments...

CAN WE CALL THIS CHRISTMAS IN JULY...with that, I take leave and will see you next eek.
So go ahead play with your chalk paints and not to forget that antique matte mod podge, GRAB it!

Until my next creative journey.
Happy crafting and recycling,
Products from PLAID

Saturday, 15 July 2017


Good Morning Crafty people... Isha Here

Do you like treats ?? I am sure we all love treats.
We have so many occasions around where we share treats with each other, How about adding some personal touch to make it more special.

Today I will be sharing some of the gifting ideas which can be perfect for return favour gifts. In my post I have used sizzix purse die but you can use any dies to make your cute little treat bags.
Our store have many options to offer for these bag/purse dies.

                                                              Aren't they CUTE ???

Making these bags was so much fun and I actually loved the way we can use our supplies to make perfect gifting solutions.
I have fun video tutorial where you can see How I have constructed these treat bags using my Dress my craft Card stock - floral oriental collection. These card stock are quiet sturdy actually with 285 gsm of weight. I have used many more DMC supplies but my personal favourite SPARKLING DUST.

 Let's take a look how to make these treat bags - VIDEO TUTORIAL

Please avoid tiny miny errors have made in video.

What say ?? Did you like these
Here are some more pictures, Sparkling dust add so much of Glamour to projects.

I have incorporated almost all the details in the video above, just in case if anything is left out please put your queries down below, will be happy to help.

Supplies used-
Dress my craft floral oreintal collection 
Dress my craft sparkling dust
Dress my craft Little hearts 
Multi medium gloss 
Mulberry flowers 
MFT- Proper pin strips pattern papers 6x6
MFT- Tiny check pattern paper 6x6
Sizzix purse die 

Happy Crafting and have a nice day

Friday, 14 July 2017

Tiny Elegant Mini Album

Hello Crafty lovers, Suzna here

Are you searching for the perfect gift idea? We all know Handmade gifts are such a wonderful way to make a friend or family member feel loved and appreciated. Today i'm going to show you easy and more beautiful elegant Album that are sure to captivate your imagination. I'm so happy to get these materials from Crafters corner. And look at that mini Prima marketing memory hardware. Its perfect and cute. So i choose Graphic 45 Portrait of a lady Paper collection to make more Royal cute look :-)

Do you wanna try? 
I've got a fun and easy tutorial Snaps,  
I will start by gathering my DT pack, Hoo i really really love it. 

So we will start with decorating my album cover. So i'm planing to do a Fabric covering 

Gluing Fabrics to paper material: I really don't no much about this, but in my experience i like to use Red tracky double side tape or any stronge double side tape. They are very sharp and fast. 

This is the Rotary Cutter: Easy to cut fabrics. Before covering fabrics i used sponge sheet. To get the sofa effect. Check my video, I shared all materials in my video. 

2nd layer of fabrics: Here no need to add sponge sheet.

I used glue gun to stick 2 layer fabrics.

Crop-A-Dile Hole Punch & Eyelet Setter: This all-in- one tool punches and sets eyelets, snaps and so much more. Easily punch through any material: thick or thin: paper, leather, plastic, metal, chipboard, acrylic, fabric, wood, and so much more.
If you are planing to start album making, you must need this.

Graphic 45 Paper collection have many fussy cutting images, that will help us to decorating more. Even if it pages or cover. 

Album Pages are 4X4. My paper pad 8X8. so more wastage. 

Parchment scissors and Gyro cutter to best for fussy cutting.

Arranging each pages with fussy cut images. Crafters corner have very thin layer foam tape. which help to pop up the small fussy cut pieces.

Decorating cover: Metal charms, flowers, chipboard embellishments etc. 

I have a small tool to bind the light metal pieces: Bought it from hyper market.

Then Finally come this :-)

I do hope you have enjoyed seeing my cute Album.
To take a look at the full material is here.

Supplies Used

Metal Charm : Pendants
Metal charms-embellishments
Graphic 45 Chipboard
Graphic 45 Paper Collection
Prima Marketing Memory Hardware
Prima Marketing Fabric pack
Prima Marketing Flowers
Double side tapes
Wycinanka chipboard Cutouts
Metal charm Corner
Paper craft tools